Check out my YouTube Channel! Watch some transcriptions of barbershop quartets and Jacob Collier music or original songs and arrangements


Live Performing

Call me for live gigs! Whether you want me to play at your venue or as a sub for a band for a night, I've got you covered:

-Solo piano/vocal from classic rock to pop

-Solo jazz piano for some ambiance

-Rock/pop or jazz bass (electric and upright) if you need a bassist for a gig

-Rock/pop rhythm guitar, backing vocals, and drums


Have a song demo that you're not sure what to do with? I'll be happy to help with that! We can talk about a vision and I can do my best to help bring your music to life. I'm very experienced with Ableton, and working with songwriters on their music, and it's always a pleasure to be a part of it. I'm also majoring in Media Scoring & Production at the Frost School of Music.


Need a fresh new choral piece or a jazz big band Christmas chart? I love writing and arranging, so that would be awesome! I've been composing for about 9 years and arranging for 6. I'm minoring in composition at the Frost School of Music, and I've had pieces performed by high school groups (jazz and concert), and professional chamber groups like Transient Canvas and the Semiosis Quartet.


Just not sure what line Charlie Parker is playing or what the chords are to that One Direction song? No worries! I've been transcribing music (for my youtube channel and otherwise) for a few years now, so I have good practice working with full dense Jacob Collier songs, barbershop quartets, improv jazz solos, or maybe just making a very thorough performance chart for a pop song you love.

Session Playing

Have music ready that you need some extra parts for? That's cool! I'd love to help! To me, there are few greater feelings than being able to help a song exist when it didn't before by making one of the parts of the song. I have the means to record at home and a large collection of instruments to use, so we could talk about it a bit and then I can record it and send it over.

Lesson Teaching

Got questions about things? We all do! Perhaps I can answer them. I'm currently only offering lessons virtually for composing, arranging, and producing. If you're just starting out and aren't sure what to do with any of these things, I'd love to try and steer you in the right direction. I have many years of experience in each of these, and I love passing on knowledge once given to me.


The Kitchen Sink (Avery Chapman Cover)

An arrangement I made of an Avery Chapman song for a pop ensemble with a four-piece wind section.

O Holy Night (a cappella arrangement)

This is my arrangement and multitrack recording of the traditional Christmas song "O Holy Night", which is entirely a cappella.

Lopsided Query (original string quartet)

A string quartet I wrote for the Semiosis Quartet while at the Boston Conservatory High School Composition Intensive in 2021.

In Too Deep- Jacob Collier (Transcription)

Here's a full score transcription I did of Jacob Collier's 2020 song "In Too Deep" from his album "Djesse Vol. 2".

Many Places- Jason Fieler

Here's an original song of mine featuring me on vocals and piano.

Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover)

Me playing bass in the band Double Take on the popular Kansas song.